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Abi local Government Area with headquarters at Itigidi was created September 23 1991 out of the former Ugep Local Government Area and comprises the former clans of Agbo, Bhahumono and Igbo, which is made up of 10 council wards.
It has inter-state boundaries with Abia and Ebonyi States, while it shares common boundaries with Yakurr Local Government Area to the north and north west and Biase Local Government Area to the South-East.

  • Economic Viability

    We are a Local Government Area striving for economic sustainability of our people and neighbouring communities.

  • Good Governance

    The present administration is focused on building a new ABI, that all it's citizen would be proud of.

  • Pace Setters

    Our missions and goals are focused on delivering top notch Local Government administrative service to our people amongst all the 774 LGA's in Nigeria.


Empowering ABI citizens through people-oriented programs

Areas of Focus


Ensuring food for all, through subsistence farming for a hunger free ABI.

Infrastructural Development

we are focused on providing basic amenities for better productivity.

Human Empowerment

Empowering youths for sustainable development

Peace, Unity and Progress


While openness and accountability are usually considered cornerstones of a democratic system, our administration is focused on protecting all ABI citizen's right while creating an enabling environment for them to go about their daily lives without fear.

Farathor Robinson Chairman ABI Local Government Area.

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A new ABI

Mission, Goal and Vision

The current administration of Hon Farathor Robinson is initiating and building people oriented programs for the betterment of both present and future ABI citizens through inclusive partnership and collaborations.


We work with all health department and agencies to ensure quality health service delivery to all ABI citizens with focus on reducing maternity mortality rate in all communities present in ABI Local Government Area.

The new ABI we all desire

Let's join hands to create the new ABI we will all be proud of